TRIP to Sheffield International Documentary Festival

I am coordinating a trip to the Sheffield International Documentary Festival from the 9th to the 14th June 2017. Depending on interest I may do this as an official trip and arrange accommodation etc. or, failing that, people can make their own arrangements and I will set-up a contact group so we can all stay in touch.

Why Come?

The SIDF is one of the biggest and best festivals in the UK and one of the top 3 Documentary festivals in the world. It is a chance to gain amazing insight into the film business, the commercial festival circuit and documentary making in all its forms. Every year there are hundreds of mind expanding documentaries in all sorts of forms and genres from all over the world: entertainment, adventure, politics, art, anthropology, TV content, feature films, underground shorts, Virtual reality and animation. Whether you are a film fan (hundreds of films and talks), a filmmaker (industry sessions galore), a game designer or animator (Alternate reality strand),or just someone interested in any of the subjects covered (special events, talks etc.) this is an amazing experience.

There are screenings in multiple venues across the city, pitching sessions, workshops, networking, market place and of course loads of parties. You will rub shoulders with other students, filmmakers, TV executives, distributors, sales agents producers and celebrities.

Act Now

Standard delegate passes are around £350 but you can get a full pass as a student for £129 +vat. If we can book quickly we may be able to negotiate some bulk deals on accommodation (hopefully for around £20 a night) or you can couch surf, use air BnB, stay with friends, or otherwise improvise.

If you want to come please respond as soon as you can by clicking this link:

All the best,


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