New Resource – On Craft

Simply put (from their website) It’s On Craft , "..gather high-quality material from films, graphic novels and other visual media and let you explore how other professionals crafted it."

Crafts they support include Animation, Art Direction, Idea to Screen, Project Management, Scriptwriting, Sound and Music, Storyboarding, Compositing, Directing, Character Design, Backgrounds.

The really exciting area from a student experience point of view, is that the resource is designed to make professionals accessible. They offer ‘ask me anything’ online sessions where students can participate in Q&A sessions with artists, filmmakers, animators, game developers etc. They are also developing networking functionality so that students can do virtual studio tours and contact professionals directly.

This is still being trialled so please take a look. Use it or lose it.

Access it here:

Students need to enter their name, email address and a password to get started. They will then just need to confirm their email address.

If you like it please use the survey link so that we can get lots of qualitative feedback

Please feel free to share on fb, or VLE pages for students and forward to anyone I might have missed from this email.

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