Pride again.

Last Friday saw Worcester’s 5th recent screening of Pride, supported by the University and Worcester trade Unions.  And once again the audience loved it. What a great film.


The story is a true one. Striking miners are fighting to save their own communities and are faced by a belligerent Thatcher government and a vicious tabloid press. A group of gay activists based in Camden Town know what it’s like to be bullied. Working on the principle that my enemy’s enemy is my friend, they realise that the desperate miners are kindred spirits and need financial, as well as moral, support.

Calling themselves Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), they begin to collect money and then drive a couple of minibuses and a clapped-out camper van to a bleak South Wales mining village to present their donations. In a decade when a degree of homophobia was the norm they were unsure of their welcome……….

The events that unfold say a lot about what it means to be empathetic, to overcome dissent and face common enemies: Thatcher, the tabloids, the police. Pride is an inspiring film that tells a story about solidarity. It should not be missed!

NEXT WEEK Cultures of Resistance Doors open 6.45 film usually starts at 7.15.

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