Responding to Doom – Lexi Strauss and Tom Nash

1000 Foundlings Find Their Mothers (2015)

1000 Foundlings Find Their Mothers – animated painting from installation, 2015.

Lexi and Tom will explore how art can help us to deal with the debilitating feeling of inevitability that the subject can engender. They will explore ideas and creative methodologies that can help with finding a voice and being heard. Between them they have some easily taught techniques for engaging people and perspectives, and lots of exciting, strange things to show.

Part of a series of lectures and events addressing climate change and how to find hope in age of apocalyptic neurosis.

EE1125 St Johns Campus
Wednesday 2nd December 2015

13.15 Artist talk by Lexi Strauss,

14.30 Student “show and tell” with Lexi and her collaborator Tom Nash.

Please bring just one object, image, film clip, statement, idea, or bodily movement – one thing, anything, a talking point that can be easily shared in a group and will open up a discussion about your various practices or perspectives. 

You don’t have to present (this is not a crit or set of presentations) – the emphasis will be less on sharing and more on methodology – but it would be nice if you led the discussion so we could talk about different ways of articulating perspectives relevant to you. We will also bring things that we think might be useful or interesting. 

We are interested in teaching creative flexibility, finding exciting and unlooked for perspectives and seeing your way through different encounters and situations, being comfortable switching between media – media being simply different relationships / approaches / techniques for addressing people and things. This is what we work together on.


Most importantly we want to teach how to see the oddness and the detail of cultural situations, art, politics, and people.


The Twelve Apostles as Babies (2014)

The Twelve Apostles as Babies – animated painting from installation, 2014

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One Response to Responding to Doom – Lexi Strauss and Tom Nash

  1. reubeni says:

    If you missed this then you won’t know what connects:

    Powell and Pressburger Paul Nash, Tarkovsky, Jung, Rudolf Steiner, Buddhism, individuation, foundling wheels, Charlie Chaplin, Gandhi, Henry Darger, William Blake, Stockhausen, Kate Bush & Heidegger, Joy division, Freud’s Demon, The ozone layer, the 12 Apostles, animation, acting, painting, parenting, the Holocaust, epigenic tags, PTSD, and a doll collecting military dictator. You really had to be there.

    Keep an eye out for more amazing, inspiring, and thought-provoking guest lectures next semester.

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